Extracurricular Activities

Spelling Bee

ICC School students will have the opportunity to compete in a Spelling Bee competition. Spelling Bee winners from each grade, kindergarten and up, will move on to compete in the New York State Islamic Schools
Spelling Bee Competition sponsored by Al-Madinah School.

Qur'an Competitions

Qur'an competition currently takes place in-house. ICCS students will compete with their classmates based on Qur'an memorization, tajweed (pronunciation) and fluency.

Science Fair

ICC School students who wish to join the ICC School Science Fair may sign up with their classroom teacher. Each student will come up with an idea, presentation and display. The Science Fair currently takes place in-house but insha’Allah winners will soon be able to move on to State competitions.

After-School Program

The ICC School currently offers After-School Programs in Arabic (for all levels) and Homework Help.

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