Dr. Khadijah Jean Pryce │ Principal

Dr. Khadijah, the first principal of the Islamic Cultural Center School, received her doctorate in Education from the University of Cincinnati, Ohio. Additionally, she holds a Masterís of Arts degree in Human Resource Development and Psychology, as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree (cum laude) in Journalism from Howard University, Washington DC. Her teaching experience includes teacher education courses at the University of Cincinnati as well as teaching Social Studies to middle and high school students. Furthermore, Dr. Pryce is a published author, having written on the impact of high-stakes academic testing and is the former principal of Madrasatu Ahlis Sunnah, one of the oldest Islamic schools in New Jersey. Dr. Pryce considers it a pleasure and an honor to be the first Principal of the ICC School. This position fulfills a lifelong dream of working in a state-of-the-art Islamic school, and utilizing an innovative curriculum based on the best teaching practices. [iccschool96@gmail.com]

Hayat Essai │ School Secretary

The Islamic Cultural Center School is privileged to have Sister Hayat Essai as the school secretary. Sr. Hayat brings to the school a wealth of experience: she has degrees in Law, International Studies and Business Administration. She gained her administrative experience at the American Embassy in Morocco as well as with Structure Capital Group New York Financing Company. She is married with two children, Nasser and Hajar, who also attend the ICC School. Sr. Hayat is proud to be a part of our educational institution. She is also glad that her children are receiving the proper Islamic education at the ICC School. Her interests include spending time with family and friends. [hayat.essa@icc-ny.us]

Uzma Syed │ Early Learning Teacher

Sister Uzma Syed joined the Islamic Cultural Center School in 2013 as the Early Learners classroom teacher. Early Learning is designed to introduce the New York State Pre-K Curriculum to three year old children while helping them adjust to the school environment. A native New Yorker, Sr. Uzma studied at the City College of New York and obtained a Masterís Degree. Working with children drives Sr. Uzma to be creative, nurturing, and most of all, patient. Her goal at the ICC School is to combine her range of experience with her ability to be a compassionate, enthusiastic, and intelligent teacher who will make a positive contribution the Muslim community. [uzma.syed@icc-ny.us]

Fatoumata Sylla │ Early Learning Aide

Sister Fatoumata Sylla is from West Africa, Mali, where she earned an Associateís Degree. Sr. Fatoumata loves to work with young children at the start of their educational and academic experience. She has a few years of teaching experience with young children. With so much to offer Early Learners, Sr. Fatoumata engages each student individually, using educational tools, and hands-on techniques that each student enjoys and benefits from most. Sr. Fatoumata loves to talk with others, has a great sense of humor and is a very patient person. She enjoys watching children grow and flourish into the next generation of young Muslims. [fatoumata.sylla@icc-ny.us]

Laila Mulrain │ Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

With the heart and soul of an educator, Sister Laila Mulrain is proud to be a member of the Islamic Cultural Center School. Sr. Laila is a native New Yorker who earned her degree from Pace University. She has constantly been involved in helping students learn through her prior experiences as a private tutor, working as a teacher for the PAL and her work with Literacy, Inc. Sr. Laila brings hard work, dedication, and love for reading and creativity to her Pre-K classroom which keeps the students motivated and eager to learn. She believes in building a bridge between the classroom and home so that teachers and parents can form a true partnership for the benefit of their child's education. She is very excited to see all that will unfold this school year! [laila.mulrain@icc-ny.us]

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