The School is founded upon guiding principles regarding instructional needs of children, leadership, and a focus on the future. In addition, our mission is to provide a safe Islamic environment where students can develop the necessary skills that will make them successful citizens.

Simply stated, the Islamic Cultural Center School is about the children, their families and the dedicated staff. Also, while in our care, we pledge to keep your child physically and emotionally safe. At the Islamic Cultural Center School everyone models high expectations for behavior and academics, optimizing learning opportunities for your child. Staff will keep abreast of their progress and frequently communicate with you.

You and your family are your child’s first teachers: your expertise, insights and active involvement are critical as we work hand-in-hand to realize his/her fullest potential.
Again, thank you for your support and if I can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to call me at (212) 828-1838.

Jazakum Allahu Khairan,
Dr. Khadijah Jean Pryce
Principal, Islamic Cultural Center School
The Islamic Cultural Center School will provide a safe Islamic environment where students, through a balanced educational program, will develop a love of Islam and of learning.
We strive for an excellent standard of education, and try our best to inculcate Islamic manners in our students to become exemplary citizens.
Mission Statement
The school curriculum provides young learners with a solid educational foundation in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Islam, and Qur’anic Studies.
Islamic Cultural Center School’s foundation is Islam, and overall academics & discipline, with complete trust in Allah (s.w.t).

Our facility gives teachers and students the setting they need to engage in all types of indoor educational, physical, and spirituals activities.
Our Facility
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As-salaamu’ Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,
The Islamic Cultural Center School opened it's doors for the first time on September 14, 2011. The School incorporates the best practices in education as well as provides a learning environment for the changing needs of the future.
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